The covered square of the ground floor of Salaborsa represents the beating heart of its library and of the entire building. The square is dedicated to Umberto Eco - writer, scholar, and professor of the University of Bologna and founder of DAMS. This place is a way station and a place of encounter besides being one of Bologna's hallmarks.

Isn't this the ideal place to host the second edition of the Alma Mater Fest? The covered square will host exhibitions, talk shows and debates. As this is the main hub of Alma Mater Fest, from here our hosts will give the floor and connect to all the other live events and activities.

During the Alma Mater Fest 2021, the second floor of Salaborsa will host meetings as well as the so-called Meet&Greet events in which students will meet professors, alumni, and ambassadors of the University of Bologna.

Biblioteca Salaborsa, Piazza del Nettuno, 3, 40121 Bologna BO


The Aula Magna (Great Hall) of Santa Lucia is located in the namesake church. It dates back to the 5th century and was commissioned by San Petronio.

After its restoration in 1986-1989, it became the Aula Magna of the University of Bologna.

Via Castiglione, 36, 40124 Bologna BO


In 1937, the houses numbered from 40 to 54 in via Zamboni were demolished to create the squared portico now known as Piazza Scaravilli, right in front of the Palazzo Poggi (the building hosting the Rectorate of the University).

The square commemorates one of the most remarkable events of the liberation war in Bologna: the conflict between the "university" partisans of the Brigata Masia di Giustizia e Libertà (Masia Brigade of Justice and Freedom) and fascist soldiers. In this armed conflict, several young people lost their lives, among them there was Antonino Scaravilli, a law student at the University of Bologna. At the moment, Piazza Scaravilli is undergoing a major project of redevelopment and enhancement with the aim of making it an increasingly institutional space for the entire Alma Mater community.

Piazza Scaravilli, 40126, Bologna BO

Foto ©Università di Bologna/Oscar Ferrari


The Cortile dell'Ercole (Courtyard of Hercules) is attributed to the Bolognese architect Bertolomeo Triachini and is located on the ground floor of Palazzo Poggi. This building houses the Rector's office and some of the university administrative offices.

The Courtyard of Hercules houses a statue of the mythological hero of the same name sculpted by Angelo Gabriello Piò in 1730.
During the Alma Mater Fest, the courtyard will host debates on sustainability and inclusion.

Via Zamboni 33, 40126, Bologna BO

Foto ©Università di Bologna


This hall is located in Palazzo Ca’ Grande – Malvezzi and is accessible from both Largo Trombetti and the main entrance of Palazzo Poggi (Via Zamboni 33).

After the second world war, this great room was rebuilt and restored to host the memorabilia of the eighth anniversary of the University of Bologna, hence its name “Sala VIII Centenario”.

Nowadays, the “Sala VIII Centenario” continues to host important documents and the University’s official banner (the Gonfalone), while also being used for events and to welcome international official delegations.

Palazzo Ca’ Grande – Malvezzi

Foto ©Università di Bologna


A multi-function sports center with in-door sporting facilities - Palacus - and outdoor ones - Terrapieno.

All the sports challenges and performances during the Alma Mater Fest will take place here.

Via del Carpentiere, 44, 40138 Bologna BO