"What is Unibo for you?" Answer this question by sending an audio-message and become part of Unibo's history! Your audio-message will feature in the last episode of Unibo Global - LifeBites, the first international podcast of the University of Bologna available on Spotify, Apple podcast etc.

With the #foreverunibo challenge, Unibo is inviting all its students to share their experiences with the whole community. The content of the message is up to you! You can talk about your experience, an event that you remember like your first class at Unibo for example…there are many possibilities, you just need to choose!

How to participate

  • Open to all Unibo students
  • From September 13 to October 6.
  • Record a 30s (max) audio-message in English answering the question “what is Unibo for you?”
  • Send your audio-message via Telegram using this number +39 3898538055 or searching for this account @uniboglobal
  • Send a message on Telegram to the same number/account with your name and last name.

Challenge winners will be invited to the Alma Mater Fest on October 11 2021, where they also be awarded a prize and their voice will feature the last episode of Unibo Global – LifeBites and travel the world!

Haven't you listened to Unibo Global LifeBites yet? Go check it out! You can find it here.


We know it: this past academic year has been quite odd. The pandemic forced us to radically change our everyday and studying habits. The aim of the photo contest "MY ALMA MATER" is to have your perspective about the difficulties, opportunities and expectations that this past year brought – hopefully this pandemic led to new stimuli in a variety of situations and contexts.

How did your habits as a student change? What were the major difficulties for you? What is your best memory?

How to participate

To participate in this contest, all you need to do is posting one or more pictures on your Instagram feed using the hashtags #myAMLife and #amf2021 (remember to make sure your profile is set to public). All pictures posted between August 30, 2021, and September 30, 2021 will be eligible for the contest. Participation is free.


A special jury from Alma Mater Studiorum - University of Bologna will evaluate all the pictures submitted in this contest. The three higher-ranking pictures will be exhibited in Salaborsa during the Alma Mater Fest on October 11, 2021.

The winners will also receive:

  • 1st prize: Alma Mater backpack
  • 2nd prize: "Bologna. University city" guidebook
  • 3rd prize: Unibo T-shirt

Read the Regulation of the Competition.